Don Ciccio

The Moresca is one of the Sicilian cultivars with early maturation that usually produces a light fruity oil.



5, 3, 2, 1

Cultivar Moresca (90%)
Place of cultivation District of Gallinicaand of Leano of Piazza Armerina
Harvest time First two weeks of October at the beginning of maturation
Cultivation method Organic
Harvesting method With pneumatic olive harvester
Extraction At the oil mill in a three-phase continuous loop. The squeezing of the olives generally takes place in the arc of 8/24 hours from the collection
Fruity Green, pungent aftertaste
Color(**) Tending to light green
Recommended use With fresh foods, salads, meat
Packaging In oil cans

(*) The characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil from organic farming may vary, year by year, depending on the agricultural year mainly affected by the climate and the actions of any pathogens.
(**) The color of extra virgin olive oil has no relevance to the quality and characteristics.