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There are plenty of articles and pages about olive oil that describe the merits on the well-being of man, so that in the Mediterranean diet is considered in first place. It is so important that for some time we celebrate the "World Olive Day".
Our production is characterized by four monocultivars: Don Ciccio, Verdeamaro, Tondo, Leano and a blend that we like to call "Millefiori".


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Dried fruit is an integral part of the Mediterranean Diet and, in particular, almonds deserve a prominent place in our eating habits, as they represent an amazing reserve of nutritional properties. They contain excellent quantities of saturated fats (the indispensable Omega 3), proteins and vegetable fibers, mineral salts and vitamins, in particular vitamin E and B2 (riboflavin).
We have started to produce different varieties for a few years now:

Tuono with a later flowering, it is a not very vigorous tree endowed with high productivity, Fruits are rough, brown, elliptical elongated shape, good size, have a sweet taste.

Supernova small rustic tree with early flowering, pinkish white color, medium vigor with high production. The seed is medium, ellipticalelongated, light brown in color, with an excellent flavor.

Lauranne tree of medium-high vigor, has a hard shell, narrow elongated grain.

Prickly Pears

In spite of its name, this is an evergreen plant of Mexican origin. It was introduced in Europe in 1500 and it spread very well in the south of Italy, in particular in Sicily.

The healthy properties of prickly pear were already known thousands of years ago by Aztecs, who also used its blades, considering it a “sacred plant”.
The latest scientific researches have confirmed that its succulent fruits are real “superfoods”, that is food and medicine at the same time.

Our company is part of the Organization of Prickly Pear Producers of San Cono” and of the District of Prickly Pear of Sicily. The fruits produced are yellow, red and white.


Pistachios are very fascinating plants, both from an historical point of view, with their Middle Eastern origins and subsequent spreading all over the world, and from the point of view of their nutritional properties, with the richness of their nutritional principles.
The varieties we have chosen to cultivate are: the Napoletana, the Aeghina and the Larnaca.
Already around 1700 the pistachios grown in our area were held in high esteem for their quality and perfection; we set ourselves a challenge: to prove it. And that is why our company has about 1000 pistachio plants.


The carob tree, majestic and ancient plant, is an evergreen characterized by a high longevity. Some reconstructions attribute the introduction of carob in Sicily to Greeks and its spreading to Arabs, in fact its name derives from the Arab term kharrub. Its fruits are rich in fibers and have slimming, astringent and antihemorrhagic properties, they are also used as substitutes of chocolate for those who suffer from allergies to cocoa.


Pruning waste from all plants can be used as biomass.
The use of biomass for energy production helps to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
According to our thinking even in this way, by simply taking care of trees, we are doing organic farming and giving an added value to our business.

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